Our Design Philosophy

'Go Wild' is our design philosophy! Be Creative, Be spontaneous and enjoy the process! We believe that 'Good' design makes you feel like your in a magazine but 'Great' Design is that midnight magic that merges the idea of the magazine, the luxury of comfort and the experiences you have within them. We started Moore House because design was in our bones, our home was where our hearts were, and it was a way for us to work together as a family!

We believe that style (in all facets) should and always be enjoyed by absolutely everyone. Luxury doesn't have to be un-obtainable and we are here to help you create it!

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Our Team

We are a mixture of values, personalities and design visions ...

but there is no one in the world whom we would work better with than each other!

We are the Moore Family

Styling & Decor

all images taken by the talented Erin McGinn 

Interior Design & Renovation

all images taken by Zack DeZon